Lip Balm Stick

About the product

Our high-gloss finish lip balm sticks are perfect vehicles for your unique formula.

  • Carefully calculated volume (4.25 – 4.35 grams) prevents waste
  • Enhanced label retention
  • Elevator locking mechanism assures a down elevator position to improve filling efficiency and reduces costly downtime
  • Propel/repel function is positive and reliable thanks to a new thread design on both the screw and elevator which prevents slippage, spinning, and cross-threading
  • Small radius edge and flattop on cap gives a sharp, sleek appearance
  • “Snap retentions” cap design assures secure fitting and allows easy on/off motion for users

We also provide a larger diameter screw knurl option to allow the use of a top-loaded heat shrink label.

Choose from any of our standard colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white, and natural, or contact us to request custom colors.

  • Personal care
  • Health & Beauty