Custom Plastic Closure and container solutions
Custom Capabilities

At Yorker, we take great ideas and top them. With over 60 years in the closure business, we have the design and engineering expertise to create a custom solution to any closure need.

Our services include our own in-house design, engineering and manufacturing, combined with the resources and expertise of Jarden Plastic Solutions, a world leader in custom injection-molded plastic components and assemblies. These factors provide all the capabilities we need to develop custom closure and packaging solutions from initial concept through final production.

Our award-winning custom designs have been proven to work effectively and consistently in top brand name products throughout the world. Some of our custom designs have been so well received in their respective industries that we have added them to Yorker’s standard product lines.

With capabilities such as multi-material molding, complex assembly and high-volume capacity, Yorker offers the freedom to work with virtually unlimited color options. Whether you want to extend your corporate colors, color-code your closures for specific applications or use color for marketing appeal, anything is possible with Yorker.

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